Important Basic Rules of Design:

Avoid wind exposure____unfavourable wind conditions ruin the spray pattern and can cause the water to over spray the sides of the basin.

Avoid trees____falling leaves, flowers, insects and bird excrement pollute the water and can cause the suction strainer in the circulation system to become clogged.

Water conservation____As the water in the fountain needs to be changed periodically and in order to reduce the risk of accidents, the height of the water level and basin should only be as high as absolutely necessary.

Protection by use of Gratings____The sumps in the basin that contain necessary technical parts should always be covered by stainless steel gratings or grilles.

Fresh water supply line____public fountains should include a fresh water supply line with automatic refilling point and dry run protection.

Waterway, Balingen, Germany

Artists Fountain, Andre´Heller, Essen, Germany

Overflow and Drain Line____For the convenience of draining and cleaning, the system should have an overflow and drain line connected to it.

Electric Mains Protection____The electric mains and cabling should be protected by conduits both in the ground and in the basin. For public fountains this is a must according to local code.

Select the Correct Pump____

Choose the Proper Electrical Switchgear____The electrical switchgear has to be adequately designed and adjusted for the correct performance of the pumps and lighting systems. This includes the installation of proper protection and safety features according to local code.

Safe Winter Storage____During the design phase, consideration should be undertaken to provide precautions for proper and safe winter storage. The pumps should be stored in a dry and absolutely frost free environment.

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